Nouvelle certification pour Filmop

Climate change and the lack of raw materials require more than ever the use of sustainable production and consumption patterns. With this in mind, recycling materials and reducing waste can contribute significantly to containing CO2 emissions and preserving natural resources, and should therefore become primary objectives.

Since its beginnings, Filmop has chosen to pursue a corporate policy oriented towards eco-sustainability, without neglecting any detail of its work. The company does not limit itself to making products that are recyclable at the end of their life cycle using certified materials of recycled origin but also takes care of the packaging that accompanies the articles. To date, 99% of the cardboard packaging used is made from an average of 80% recycled paper, thus representing an environmentally friendly solution.

Filmop also promotes the recycling of packaging itself, helping to contain emissions and resource consumption: a commitment recognised by the CO2 Climate Certificate issued after a careful quantification of the emissions avoided in 2022 conducted by the DFGE – Institute for Energy, Ecology and Economics in collaboration with BellandVision, a company specialised in waste disposal. The certification rewards the company’s achievements: 9,352 tonnes of recycled packaging, with a CO2e reduction of 1.59 tonnes.

This milestone joins the 110 tonnes of CO2 avoided each year thanks to the production and use of solar energy from the photovoltaic system installed at the company’s headquarters, and the 800 tonnes offset in 2023 by joining important projects for environmental protection and access to clean energy in developing countries.